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Certified Inspection, Remediation, and Risk Assessments for Lead and Asbestos

Ensuring A Safe Environment for All

With years of experience in the hazardous materials industry, Moody Environmental and Consulting knows the most effective strategies for the treatment, abatement, and remediation of lead and/or asbestos hazards.

Using the most update to date practices and technologies, Moody Environmental and Consulting works to ensure that your commercial and residential properties are safe and meet government regulations. 

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Our Services

Inspection (Lead-based paint and Abestos)

Our team conducts an inspection to locate all contaminated areas in a structure, be it a residential property or a commercial property.

Lead Remediation

Our team directly addresses the underlying source of the contamination to ensure that exposure and contamination don’t occur again.

Lead Risk Assessment

Our team conducts an assessment to identify potential lead hazards and provide management strategies to mitigate risks of contamination and exposure.

Clearance (Lead and Asbestos)

Our team conducts a visual examination and collection of environmental samples from structures upon completion of abatement/remediation services. This examination is done to determine if lead and/or asbestos exposure levels meet compliance standards set forth by governing agencies.

Abatement (Lead and asbestos)

Our team permanently removes the source of contamination from the structure or contains them in a manner that no longer poses a risk to those in the structure. 

Our Certifications

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Moody Environmental
Moody Environmental
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